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Measurement & Dimension

72X30 75X30 78X30
72X36 75X36 78X36
72X42 75X42 78X42

72X48 75X48 78X48

72X60 75X60 78X60
72X66 75X66 78X66

72X72 75X72 78X72

Sizing Up Your Bed

  1. Take off any sheets, blankets, or pillows on your mattress. You’ll get the most accurate measurements when your mattress doesn’t have anything on it. If you’re measuring your mattress for fitted sheets or a comforter, and you have a padded mattress topper on your mattress, leave it on when you do the measuring
  2. Measure from the left side to the right side of your mattress to get the width. Use a tape measure or fabric ruler to do your measuring. Mattresses can curve outward on the sides, so make sure you’re measuring from the widest point on each side of the mattress.
  3. Measure from the back to the front edge of your mattress to get the length. If your mattress curves outward at the back and front edges, measure from the furthest point out on each edge.
  4. Measure from the bottom to the top of your mattress to get the Thickness. If you’re measuring for fitted sheets or a comforter, and you have a padded mattress topper, include the mattress topper in your measurement. Otherwise, only measure the thickness of the mattress itself.

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