• What kind of mattresses does Jumbo Sleep offer? We offer you the best of highly researched and expertly developed mattresses which are also stylish at the same time to go with your bedroom aesthetics. Presently, we offer you two lines of mattresses; Foam based mattresses and Latex based mattresses.
  • How is a Jumbo Sleep mattress better than any other mattress? Each mattress has been designed after years of research on different sleeping habits, demographics, body shapes and materials, after which the best quality has been developed with the help of experts to ensure a sound sleep for you. Also, in comparison to other mattresses ours offer and support the best body posture and support for your body.
  • What are the mattresses offered under both foam based and latex based mattresses? Presently, under the foam based mattress category we offer 3 options;
    1. Dual Comfort Mattress
    2. Gel Infused Memory Foam
    3. Gel Infused Memory Foam (with bonded foam)

    Under the latex based mattress range we offer,
    1. Natura 100% Latex
    2. Natura Latex Hybrid
  • What advantage does a latex mattress offer? Latex mattresses are so engineered to offer your body a high degree of adapting to the mattress considerably reducing the break – in period. Your body gets its own adaptive platform to relax and recuperate, night after night. It also gives you other benefits such as motion isolation that gives you an edge to have your side of the bed to be totally unaffected by other activities in and around your bed, offering you soundand undisturbed sleep.
  • Does the mattress have any chemical odour? All mattresses are made out of natural fibre and therefore don’t carry any chemical smell with them. However, the first time you open the mattress it would have a slight smell like any other newly made product. The smell is sure to vanish in sometime as soon as it is opened and aired for some time. The mattress will smell fresh and inviting for a good sleep.
  • How durable is a Jumbo Sleep mattress? Our mattresses are made with the best of materials and engineered in a way that they offer you the best quality of each fabric used. We offer a warranty of 10 years and 3 years (different period for different products). The complete details of our warranty offerings can be found in the warranty section.
  • How does the mattress feel to sleep on? Have you ever had your mattress love you right back? It’s like a sleep inducer, just the right amount of softness and firmness to give you a well – rested sleep as well as offer your body the right posture and support. Coming home is something that you are going to look forward to.
  • How firm are the mattresses? Our mattresses have been designed keeping in mind various preferences. We offer you the right amount of softness to pamper you along with just the right amount of firmness level that takes care of all your pressure points and supports your spine and back in the best way possible.
  • Do I need to air my mattress regularly? Our mattresses are made with breathable fabric which allows a smooth air flow and helps in maintaining a high level of freshness for the mattress. It also comes with a unique moisture wicking property that repels moisture and keeps the mattress feeling fresh on every use.
  • Can I flip the mattress? Our mattresses come are so designed in a way that you can use both sides of the mattress. You can choose your favourite side and even change it as per your whims and fancies, We believe in offering you the best of everything.
  • What fabrics are the mattresses made from? All our mattresses are made of natural fabrics. We use TENCEL fabric which is a plant based fibre made out of eucalyptus fibres that offer you its many benefits like moisture wicking nature and is delicate to touch. We also use natural latex which offers you a high degree of adaptiveness for your body and also gives you the right amount of softness and firmness, best for you.
  • Does the mattress need a high level of maintenance? All fabrics used in the mattresses are chosen keeping in mind their durability and the ability to keep allergens, moisture and dust at bay. You just don’t need to worry about constantly airing and dusting your mattress. Freshness and quality come sealed with the deal!
  • Is the mattress safe for everyone? Every mattress is made of natural fibres and is free from any harmful chemicals and additives. The mattresses are safe for use by infants, children, adults, senior citizens alike. In fact our mattresses are highly recommended for people with a back or spine problem.
  • Where can I connect for further queries? Please feel free to connect with the sleep experts on; + 91-7428448885 hello@jumbosleep.com