Memory Foam Mattress Vs Latex Foam Mattress

When it is about mattresses, there is often a common fallacy regarding natural latex foam mattress and memory foam mattress topper. Many people suppose that latex and memory foam mattresses are a similar thing, but in point of fact, these are different products. From materials they are made up of to the responsiveness and accessibility of each of these mattress types, there are more than a few critical differences between the two that are worth looking at.

What is latex foam?

Latex has extra flexibility and a more generalized cuddle than memory foam. When used in a mattress, it means a quicker response time and extra rebound. Latex foam comes in natural, synthetic, as well as blended range.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress? 

Memory foam primarily appeared on the view when NASA developed it to help guard their astronauts while they were in space. The material is composed of polyurethane that makes use of an assortment of chemicals to produce a product that is not just dense but can soak up energy as well.

Contrasting to the latex models that have a speedy recovery time, this kind of foam takes some time before it goes back to its usual shape. When you depress the memory foam, you will observe the groove even when you get out of the bed. This plummeting feeling is essentially what makes this kind of mattress relaxed for many, mostly those who are side or stomach sleepers.

The Differences between Memory Foam and Latex mattress

  • The natural latex foam mattress is much more absorbent and far more breathable than a memory foam mattress. Every time you blow air at the Latex mattress, the air flows right through it. However, with memory foam mattresses, it's blocked. 
  • On the other hand, sleeping on the memory foam mattress topper, you may feel immobilized. It’s new in the beginning, however after a while; you might feel as though you’re trapped in smooth sand. And each time you change your position, you may have to warm up the foam all over again. This causes restiveness as well as circulation issues, which contrasts the quality of natural latex foam mattress.
  • Also, the latex mattress is instantly receptive and even more comfy than memory foam for a good number of people. It helps you sleep fantastically on your bed. Nevertheless, it would not make you feel as if you’re trapped in it, allowing for better circulation as well as reduced muscle inflexibility.
  • More than a few natural latex mattresses can be customized accurately for your body—and you can adjust your mattress over time by shifting layers if you have to. On the other hand, nearly every memory foam mattress is sewn shut. As a result, as soon as the originality wears off or your body begins to pain, you’re trapped. 

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