How To Clean Your Mattress for a Better Night's Sleep

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We all have heard this statement many times. But when it comes to cleaning the things placed in our surroundings, it is a must that we are looking at everything with the utmost attention. 

Usually, people focus on sides, curtains, bedsheets, corners, and others for cleaning. But when it comes to the mattress, they are not so sure about it. But it is a mandatory task to do that you are cleaning your mattress timely. If you are not cleaning your mattress, then there are chances you are inviting some unwanted health issues to you.



Here a few tips and techniques are mentioned, which will help you to clean your mattress thoroughly, and nothing will be there, which can let you feel disappointed in any way. Tips to consider before going to clean a mattress at any time:

Changes the sheets:

The first step which one can consider cleaning the mattress by changing all sheets, pillow covers, and pillows itself. Usually, we avoid these, but these are known to be the prior ones who can let the mattress get dirty. If the bed sheets placed is not clean, then it will let the mattress to absorb all the dirt, and it will make the mattress to be dirty as well.

Steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning is considered to be one of the best ways to clean the mattress. When you are following the steam cleaning process, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and then left it over there around an hour so that it will take out all the odors from it. Now you are supposed to use an upholstery attachment and run the steam cleaner all over the surface. After doing the same, you can let the mattress dry for 24 hours. The best part about considering the steam cleaning method is that it will remove all the sweat and urine stains from the mattress easily.

Mattress protector:

When we purchase a new mattress, usually we avoid mattress protectors and think that this just a wastage of money. But this is not the truth at all. This mattress protector will let your mattress to be free from allergens, dust, bacteria, and also will help you to get rid of the serious problems. Also, if the mattress protector has been placed, then it will become easier for you to clean it in the future as well. You need to remove the mattress protector and watch it. All the dirt will get out, and your mattress will sound like a new one.


Air out the mattress:

It is important that you are taking your mattress out in the air on a sunny day. If you place a mattress for longer duration at a single place, then it will let it sound bad, and it will acquire some smell as well. If you are leaving a mattress for 3-4 hours in the sunlight, then all the virgins will come out, and it will help you to get rid of unwanted dust from it.


Moreover, if you want to know step towards deep cleaning your mattress, it is a must that you are available with all the required equipment. This includes a vacuum having an upholstery attachment, so for enzyme cleaner, urgent, cleaning clothes, cold water, and baking soda.

By considering all these materials, you will be able to clean the mattress deep easily. At the very first, vacuum your mattress and remove all the stains from it with the help of the stain remover. Then sprinkle some baking soda all over the mattress and vacuum it again. When one side gets done, you are supposed to flip the mattress and repeat the same procedure for the side. In the end, you will get the clean mattress available.

These are the few things which you can consider when you want to look forward to the methods you can adopt to clean your mattress thoroughly. If you are not sure about any of the methods that you must take the help from online portals and search for it, within no time by following all the procedures, you will be able to get the clean mattress available.