After a long tiring day, we all wish for a peaceful and sound sleep so that the next we wake up happily and refreshed. But This is not as easy as it sounds. There are various problems occur when we sleep.

Reasons which disturb sleep

  • Stress created due to work or personal reasons
  • Tiredness caused due to occupation or general schedule of the day
  • Other Health issues

If not attended, sleep can result into deteriorating health.

How does a good mattress make a DIFFERENCE?

A good mattress should offer the following:

  • Rest: Restful Sleep is the state of complete relaxation of mind & body. A good mattress supports conditions to attain restful sleep. A mattress which supports your body weight and does not create pain points is your ideal mattress.
  • Relax: A mattress will provide support so that you don’t move around much in bed to compensate for bad posture or shortcomings of the mattress
  • Recover: A mattress which is soft enough to not create a pressure point as well as firm enough to provide support to the heavier parts to align your spine to the rest of the body gives best recovery. The 100% Natura Latex Mattress is known to be ideal for all types of sleepers.

Jumbo mattress is one of the best mattresses you can buy because it has various benefits. This mattress will help you to get relaxed and sleep nicely and peacefully.


Following are the reasons due to which you should buy a jumbo mattress:

  1. DESIGNED BY THE EXPERTS: It is designed by the experts and has all the features a customer requires in a mattress. Its foam is of higher density offering the kind of support your body needs and allows you to sleep without any discomfort and inconvenience.
  2. MANY BENEFITS AT A MINIMAL PRICE: Our mattresses are made with care and comfort at the forefront so that you can own your comfort without spending too much.
    Our mattresses are body contouring, offer better support, sleep cooler and are inexpensive.
  3. CUSTOM SIZE: Mattress buying can be a pain, but with our size measurement guide it will be easy. We also take custom sizes, so that you get the perfect bed.
  4. EASE OF ACCESS: Doorstep delivery through reliable large-scale shipping partners with tracking facility to know how fast your Jumbo is reaching you.
  5. WIDE VARIETY OF MATTRESSES: We offer mattresses in PU Foam, Memory Foam, Bonded Foam (Recommended for people with chronic pain, Latex Mattress. Our mattresses have got your back in all situations.
  6. COOL MATTRESSES: The Gel Infused mattresses come with a million gel beads which keep you cool in the middle of the night.