2" or 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Stomach Sleeper

Memory foam is a kind of polyurethane foam that was primarily produced by NASA in the 1960s. In the beginning, it was used as padding in helmets as well as seats. However, it soon became all the rage in the mattress manufacturing business because of its capability to mold and do the accepted thing to the body.

Over more than a few years, the memory foam mattress has altered from innovation into a well-liked, accepted, reasonably priced substitute to ubiquitous spring beds. Behind this revolution, is the uprising in comfort and technology the material presents. So, here are quite a lot of downsides that must be considered when shopping for a Memory Foam mattress.

Jumbo Sleep memory foam mattress is quite similar to other brands but it differs only in product quality and its durability. You know well your choices of comfort and about a sleep full of dreams! So we engineered memory foam mattress in such a way to mold all new adaptable features into a single pack of purchase. Want a big dream not disturbing your partner in night? Why not. Go with single or double bed memory foam mattress which is in high demand by adults today. What makes it differ from other mattress is given below:

  1. It contains soft foam and ventilated foam layers which make no pressure on painful areas if you have any wounded parts in your body. Ventilated itself means it throws air out the mattress body and creates a normal temperature.
  2. The support layer is made of high density foam which helps in healing a shoulder or back pain.
  3. It provides supportive foam to isolate the motion of each other on bed- not affecting a partner sleeps.

A memory foam mattress is available in three categories- dual comfort, gel infused memory foam, and gel infused memory foam (bonded foam).

Why people prefer Memory Foam Mattress?


Memory Foam Mattress is a low tolerance foam finished with polyurethane. The material polyurethane improves both the density as well as the viscosity of the mattress. Here are more than a few benefits of using the Memory Foam Mattress.

  • Keeps spine aligned

The moment you lay down on a memory foam mattress, you are calmed from having back pain. This is because memory foam mattress consistently distributes the mass of your body so that not a single part has to put up with additional pressure. The most wonderful thing about this mattress is that it athletically tunes itself to your body shape, letting the backbone be in an aligned position.

  • Relieves the pressure point regions

When you stay on the bed for prolonged hours, logically, the soft tissues in your body get harmfully affected. As a result, it hinders the even circulation of blood as well. Thus, the middle portion of your body goes through pressure ache and soreness. However, the viscose material provides immense protection to the body parts. In this way, it diminishes the pressure point soreness and saves your body from harm as well.

  • No more allergies

There are quite a lot of people who are allergic to few smells as well as chemicals do harm them. Nevertheless, memory foam mattresses are miles away from using materials that may trigger the trouble.


              memory foam mattress


Memory Foam Mattress versus Other Mattresses Features Comparison


The best mattress choice depends on the sleeping habits of the individual looking for a mattress. Time and again, memory foam mattresses are matched up against latex mattresses, spring and coil mattresses, as well as hybrid beds.

  • Memory Foam vs. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress is recognized for springing back more rapidly than memory foam mattresses. Sleepers who go around a lot at night might discover that latex mattresses are most excellent, as they reform to the body more rapidly.

  • Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are measured to be more relaxed than spring or coil mattresses, as memory foam distributes mass consistently across the body, thus alleviating pressure points and other pain and sting.

  • Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress may be an excellent fit for sleepers who find coil mattresses quite hard and memory foam too contouring and cuddling. The most excellent fit for you depends entirely on what you find comfy in addition to your sleeping patterns.

memory foam mattress

Prevention of night sleep-related Problems using a memory foam mattress


The memory foam mattress relieves you of all sleeping position predicaments. In fact, with memory foam mattress, you can sleep in any way, no matter if it’s on the back position, on the side, or your stomach. If you sleep on your back, then memory foam mattress effortlessly fiddles with your spinal column and proffers support to snooze comfortably. Or else, if you are a side sleeper, it provides a back up to your waist as well as hip and keeps your backbone on a standardized level.

Furthermore, the foam offers back support to those who sleep on their stomachs. You can stay hassle-free as this mattress won’t provide you much motion disturbance. The most excellent feature of this mattress is that it detains the motion and after that, gradually keeps it restrained instead of dispensing that.


Types of Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

There are three main types of memory foam mattresses available in the market.

best memory foam mattress

  • Kurl-On mattress 

For the comfort of users, a Kurl-On mattress is made of premium memory foam, PU foam in addition to being weighed down with a high level of guarantee in terms of toughness, comfort, and additional support. The mattresses are systematically designed and are made reasonably lightweight with the use of progressive technologies. Such a mattress is out of harm's way to use as it comes with nil sensitive materials. It further fights against all sleeping turmoil and hassles. If you need a long-lasting mattress, then the memory foam mattress from Kurl-on can be the most excellent choice. 

  • Sleepwell mattress

Sleepwell mattresses are a sparkling combination of expertise and comfort. It has a range devoted solely to mattresses that can help lessen backache. These mattresses come with a blend of memory and PU foams and concentrate on the pressure points to diminish bad back. Besides, the comfort that the memory foam mattress from Sleepwell offers is second to nothing. These mattresses from Sleepwell make sure that the spinal column alignment is neutral. Therefore, it presents a lot of comforts, as well. The other reason they put high-quality support forward is that foam cells are bigger owing, which there is plenty of air-flow. For this reason, these mattresses are temperature neutral, and as a result, sleepers do not experience extreme warmth at nighttime.

  • Wakefit Mattress

There is an extensive range of mattresses obtainable at more than a few price ranges. Still, you cannot go wrong with the Wakefit memory foam mattress Wakefit memory foam mattress is one of the most reasonably priced options accessible. If you are on the lookout for the best foam mattress at a price within your means, Wakefit is it! 

The two essential factors when purchasing mattresses are support and comfort, and Wakefit encompasses both these qualities down pat. Wakefit’s memory foam mattress provides your body the support it requires while sleeping, as it conforms with no trouble to the shape of your body. When it comes to the paramount memory foam mattress, Wakefit is a zenith. You can certainly lay a wager that you will be getting sweet, comfortable sleep with this mattress for quite a long time.

Dimensions and different Sized Memory Foam Mattress

 2 inch memory foam mattress

Mattress thickness is a significant concern when choosing a memory foam mattress. When it is about a memory foam mattress, there is the least thickness of the mattress at which a mattress presents a first-rate performance. Go too low, and there’s a possibility of getting a mattress that is somewhere from rough to having a minimal lifespan before it subsides.

  • 2 inches thick mattress topper

A mattress topper with 2-inch thickness would be the thinnest mattress topper that can bring in more comfort and smoothness to your bedding. It can provide you an added convenience and luxurious feel. You should only purchase a 2 inch mattress topper when you have a mattress that is already offering you an adequate amount of ease and support, and you only want to put in an additional soft layer on it. 2 inches thick mattress topper is not good enough when you require additional support to your body, or you desire to compliment your drooping bed and cover indentation on the bed.

  • 3 inches thick mattress topper

3 inches thick mattress topper is slightly stiff, accommodating and huge as compared to the thin 2-inch mattress topper. As a result, it can be considered as an improved alternative for those who require comfort as well as additional support to the body. Three inches thick mattress topper will also provide an evenhanded cover for a mattress having a slight loosened surface and might perk up the general comfort and support.

Benefits of using Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


  • Puts off and Reduces body pains

Eight hours of sleep on a regular mattress can incite muscle and joint throbbing. It might further intensify a present pain. During the several hours of sleep, an orthopedic foam mattress will offer solid and suitable support for the spinal column as well as put off any unnecessary stress on your painful spots.

  • Uninterrupted Sleep

The most valuable benefit of the orthopedic mattresses is a sound and calm sleep that is a real bliss. Sleeping on a regular mattress; you are required to move or tune yourself several times all through the night looking for that ideal spot. As a consequence, a depression is formed, that puts a strain on your spinal column, and in response, your body automatically moves to a different spot. This takes place all through the night, causing trouble in your sleep. On the whole, the solid orthopedic mattresses help you do away with any restiveness and will result in an ideal sleep.

  • Ideal for Couples

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t comprise of a bounce like any pocket sprung mattress or a sink like any memory foam mattress. As a result, when a sleeper shifts at one side of the bedding, it won’t create a wave troubling the other sleeper.

foam mattress

  • Cost-effective

More often than not, orthopedic mattresses are costlier than other mattresses, to begin with. On the other hand, in the long run, you will discover that their strength extends years longer than any different kind of mattress, and stay in the right condition for far longer.