Why Choose Gel Memory Foam Mattress over Memory Foam Mattress


What is a better memory foam or gel memory foam?

  • Advantages of a Gel Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses make use of body heat to conform to your body so that it might affect your comfort level. However, they provide no place for body heat to get away and, as a result, sleep hot. The gel in gel foam mattresses improves this by recovering air circulation. Heat is allowed to flee, and the sleeper stays cool at nighttime.

  • Advantages of a Memory Foam Mattress

The supreme power of memory foam mattress is that it supports the body and keeps burden off the pressure points, helping you wake up without feeling inflexible or uncomfortable. If your spouse is tossing and turning, their movement does not influence your nap as it's a single portion of durable material different from a spring mattress. The springy feel of a memory foam mattress serves as an enormous balance between being spongy and firm.

What makes a gel memory foam mattress good?

Gel memory foam makes for a flexible and super soft bed with just the correct amount of support. Mattress toppers, mattresses, as well as pillows prepared from gel memory foam are more than just relaxing. They can offer the support required to help with more than a few sleep-related troubles.

What makes memory foam mattress right choice?

Memory foam mattresses are well-liked and exceedingly recommended due to their capability to shape your body form, which considerably lessens pressure points, perks up blood circulation, and offer a better-quality nap. Appropriately named, the ‘Memory Foam’ bed can return to its unique shape, much like our personal ‘memory cells.’

Do all memory foam mattresses sleep hot?

Memory foam mattresses, despite being very comfortable, can often be the offender behind a hot and clammy night spent tossing and turning. However, a respite from a warm memory foam mattress is attainable. Bed sheets, as well as pillowcases finished from non-breathable materials, can lead to overheating. Materials like cotton or bamboo permits airflow as well as present moisture wicking that would help you to stay cool.

 Is gel memory foam hot to sleep on?

Gel memory foam is ‘cooler’ and ‘more comfortable’ than regular memory foam models as they comprise layers of gel-infused memory foam present in the comfort layer. Gel-infused foams are engineered to perk up airflow, free trapped heat, and facilitate sleepers to stay at ease all through the night.

What is a good mattress to keep you cool?

 Out of the two, gel memory foam mattress topper is unbelievably excellent and well-rated owing to its pressure-alleviation comfort features and its capability to reduce motion transmission from one person to another while sleeping. The memory gel toppers help to a great extent, and mainly if you are on the lookout for a way to improve the comfort of your mattress. Gel memory foam mattress toppers integrate the most up-to-date technology that is meant to increase support during sleep and boost cooling comfort.

 Difference between memory foam and gel-infused mattress

The significant difference between memory foam and gel foam comes down to the following factors.

Materials used

  • Memory foam is finished from a material called visco-elastic. This material proves to be so relaxing, comforting, and robust that it makes its way into one of the most excellent mattresses.
  • A gel foam mattress is also prepared from visco-elastic, but it is further infused with gel. Gel foam incorporated in the mattress provides more relaxed sleep and helps with pressure relief.                                   


Memory foam or gel memory foam mattress of parallel densities breaks down at a comparable rate. A typical all-foam mattress lasts for around six to eight years. Another thing to consider when it comes to durability and sturdiness is that gel memory foam slowly loses its capability to cool the body. Over time, a mattress that formerly kept you cool may drop that capability.

  • Comfort and back pain support

Memory foam or gel memory foam mattress envelops your shoulders, head, hips, and legs, easing them of sprain while sustaining the more sensitive areas such as the neck, lower back, and knees. Hence, the body can completely loosen up with little to no strain on any area.

  • Firmness level

The springy and soft feel of memory foam and gel memory foam mattress provides a divine sense of balance between being soft and firm.

  • Temperature

The customary memory foam mattresses are no competition for gel memory foam mattress when it is about temperature regulation and delivering a cool sleep surface. Gel beads permeated into the memory foam can help drive away heat. On the other hand, the effectiveness shows a discrepancy from model to model based on the memory foam formula and the kind of gel used.