8 Benefits of my age old desire: An 8 Hour Sleep

With the growing availability of information towards the sleep healh space, one and all know that one must sleep for 8 hours every day for keeping healthy inside and outside. With a lot of writing I realized I have chased this dream for a decade now and have actually resigned to it being a bit far-fetched. The season to sleep is just not now!

While I have always wondered, how can one do a Sadhguru and sleep less and do more, I have learned to appreciate the following  8 benefits of a 8 hour sleep:

  1. Improved Overall Health: As per WebMD, the health diagnosis experts; a prolonged sleep deficit has been found to be related with heart attacks,heart disease,obesity and diabetes.
  2. Sleep Strengthens the Immune System: I think we all know this and can agree this is a benefit. No one will challenge this one.
  3. Reduces Your Risk for Car Accidents: As I am an insurance adjuster in my day job, I found this one very interesting. Next time I talk to someone with multiple accidents on their record, I will encourage them to get more sleep as per Economic Times
  4. Lose weight: Inadequate sleep has been known to cause hormonal imbalance and binge eating which directly effect weight loss. Fall in love with your mattress and say bye to weight loss blues.
  5. Increased Learning: A well rested person is likely to stay more focused,has better memory and is found to be better at learning. A sleep deprived person is restless,irritable and lesser focused finding it hard to learn. As per the UK Media house The Telegraph
  6. Reduces Stress: I often battle with stress and a really value the extra zzzs in bringing the my stress levels down. As per Livemint, the corporate goers of India are largely suffering from a lack of sleep.
  7. Apparent improved sex: Better sleep has known to boost testosterone levels in men and a higher sex drive in women leading to  better sex. And a bit of fun between the sheets, does that not make you happy?
  8. Makes You Happier: Again, this one seems self explainatory. Though multiple articles cited multiple studies showing this to be true. 


How to get better sleep at night

There are three types of night sleeper’s side, stomach, and back sleepers. Do you ask yourself every morning whether you awake fit or not? Many of people find it difficult to say “yes”. Why because a lack of proper hours of rest or a uncomforting pillow or mattress support. We at Jumbo Sleep aim to motivate the people to gain 100% satisfaction during night sleep. To get comfortable sleep experience daily check out below mentioned tips:

Find a Comfortable Mattress: Comfort gives a deep breath that leads to good sleep. If someone complain for back pain or shoulder pain right after waking up in early morning. Then it would be the perfect time to book jumbo Sleep mattress with high firmness level and distributes external pressure to main parts of body affecting by it.

Find a Perfect Pillow: When a man like to sleep on a side, it becomes necessary to put a slim, soft pillow between head and neck to fill up a downside of neck supportive system. A perfect pillow selection meets the need of stomach sleepers as it supports in between knees and bed surfaces.

Proper Spinal Alignment: One must keep proper alignment of spine of back to relief from pain and stress borne from extra pressure while sleeping at night. Without spinal alignment we may suffer from many orthopedic problems and may need o visit a doctor in emergency.

Better Sleeping Positions: Sleeping positions are as important as other factors are. Sleepers tend to change positions at night frequently and wake in different posture than he sleeps. In such conditions preferences of mattress and pillow is necessary. No matter if you buy online or offline, main thing is to find the best quality mattress that worth its cost in competitive market.

The best I can do is to have great sleep comfort in the minimal time I believe I can afford to sleep for. I use the Latex Mattress which provides great support and leaves me better rested & recovered, and the Memory Foam pillow which adapts to my body ensuring there are no pressure points.